Biorepository Services

Offering Ambient, Cold, Ultra Low, and Liquid Nitrogen Storage Solutions

StageBio’s state of the art facilities complete with volume and sample based storage are ready to accommodate all of your biorepository and archiving needs - and have been a trusted partner for clients since 2005.

Facility Infrastructure


24-Hour Video Surveillance

Daylight and infrared cameras along with motion detection video capturing


Premises Burglary

Unauthorized entry is prohibited through the use of contacts, door wiring, vibration, motion and sound detectors, invisible photoelectric beams, and infrared systems


Automatic Fire Alarms

Detecting smoke and extreme heat before major damage can occur, safeguarding valuable records


Environmental Monitoring

Remote monitoring detects for power failure, temperature variations in vaults, refrigerators, and freezers. StageBio uses Rees Scientific environmental monitoring solutions that are cloud based and Part 11 Compliant.


Back-up Solutions

StageBio uses TempLok phase change “freezer batteries” to provide 8 hours of freezer stability in addition to mechanical back-up systems


Tracking and Tracing

LockBox LIMS® Sample Tracking sample management solutions that are cloud based and Part 11 Compliant.

Fire Suppression

StageBio’s FM-200 fire suppression system protects our client's critical data. FM-200 suppresses fire by discharging on the surface of combusting materials, lowering its temperature below the ignition point. FM-200 fire suppression systems have low atmospheric lifetimes, global warming, and ozone depletion potentials.  

Unlike Halon 1301 fire suppression systems, FM-200 systems are environmentally friendly. They provide an effective, safe method of special hazards fire suppression where a non-residue producing clean agent is essential.

Common Questions


How long do I need to store my material?

This is dictated by the applicable study regulations and/or the study protocol.


How long does it take to receive my materials from the Archives?

For domestic locations, StageBio ensures that your materials will leave our facility within 24 hours or less from the time of request and offers next-day service for regulatory inspections.


Can you pick up our materials from our facility or another site?

StageBio is ready to facilitate the logistics of obtaining materials from any location internationally.

The StageBio archiving team has 50 years of experience in GLP archiving services.



Our company has contracted with StageBio’s long term storage services for approximately four years now. We have found StageBio employees to be professional, responsive and accommodating.”

Associate Director
Biotech Company

They've been storing materials for us for a number of years.  The staff operates with the utmost professionalism and are always flexible, reliable and willing to help!”

Document Control Specialist
Medical Device CRO

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