Pathology Evaluation and Report Generation

We provide microscopic as well as digital tissue evaluation and pathology report generation for both regulatory and investigative projects. StageBio’s pathology team is SEND-ready and eager to work with you on your next GLP or non-GLP study.

Pathology Capabilities

Glass and Digital Pathology Capabilities

  • Glass and Digital
  • Toxicologic pathology
  • Carcinogenicity: conventional and genetically modified animals
  • Animal models of disease
  • Medical device
  • Small molecule and large molecule biologics
  • Reproductive pathology
  • Wound healing models
  • Inhalation models
  • Pathology peer review
  • Neurologic models

Pathology Resources


30+ board-certified veterinary pathologists are on the StageBio team.


Pathology services can be provided using  scanned images, previously prepared histologic slides, or from slides prepared by StageBio’s laboratories.


Xybion's Pristima® and Instem’s Provantis™ software are both available for pathology data capture. Alternatively, StageBio pathologists can record data directly into your data capture system.


High-quality scans can be taken, annotated, captioned and included in the pathology report upon request.


StageBio’s team of pathologists are available for remote and/or on-site pathology peer reviews.


Necropsy supervision by a board-certified pathologist is available on-site at your necropsy location.


Expedition is an option for pathology results and reports.

Study Types

Our pathologists have experience evaluating a variety of study types, including:

  • Rodent and non-rodent toxicity, safety, and discovery studies
  • Target animal safety (TAS) studies
  • Medical device studies
  • Animal models of human disease studies
  • 6-month transgenic rodent carcinogenicity studies
  • 2-year rodent carcinogenicity studies
Study Types

Special Tissue Expertise

Our pathologists have special expertise in evaluating a variety of organs and tissues, including, but not limited to:

  • Bone and joint pathology
  • Dental pathology
  • Mammary gland pathology
  • Neuropathology
  • Ocular pathology
  • Pituitary gland pathology
  • Reproductive pathology (Male and Female)
Animal Species Experience

Species Experience

Our pathologists are experienced in evaluating tissues from a wide variety of animal species, including:

  • Rats and Mice, including transgenic strains
  • Dogs
  • Human
  • Non-human Primates
  • Pig and Mini Pig
  • Livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys)
  • Companion animals (Cats, Horses)
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters

Peer Review

StageBio offers comprehensive peer review services, including review of:

  • Glass and Digital slides
  • Histopathology data
  • Pathology narrative
  • Mortality (cause of death)
  • Gross pathology data
  • Clinical pathology data
  • Organ and Body weight data

Clinical Pathology

StageBio offers clinical pathology data interpretation, including:

  • Clinical chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Coagulation parameters
  • Urinalysis
  • Other clinical pathology parameters

Pathology Working Groups

StageBio can organize, chair, and participate in Pathology Working Groups (PWG) to resolve challenging pathology issues

Common Questions


Can your pathologist evaluate a study using our software?

Yes, StageBio's pathologists can record data directly into your software, or directly into StageBio's software (Xybion Pristima® or Instem Provantis™).


Can StageBio produce digital images for pathology reports?

Yes, we can provide high resolution digital images directly from slides. Low and/or high magnification images can be generated, annotated and captioned for inclusion as an appendix of your pathology report. You provide the input regarding how many images are to be taken, and which diagnoses are requested for representation in the images.


Can the pathology report be formatted to my specifications?

Absolutely, StageBio can produce a report using either the format you provide or our standard format.

StageBio's dedicated pathology staff is second-to-none.


StageBio is a proud member and supporter of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology and the American College of Veterinary Pathologists.


StageBio has been serving as our go-to histopathology test site for our general toxicology studies for the past 10 years. Their consistent high-level performance has earned our trust in their services.”

Director of Toxicology
Contract Research Organization

StageBio is our vendor for multiple services. They provide us with a wide range of assistance such as design consultation, onsite necropsy support, slide preparation and GLP pathology reporting. We consistently receive service that meets our timelines and exceeds our expectations.”

Toxicology Program Manager
Contract Research Organization

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