Company Values 

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We provide a ladder for employee advancement through sustainable career pathways. We support our employees’ long-term goals as they develop their experience as skilled, purpose-driven individuals in a community environment.
We invest in individuals who integrate quality into all aspects of their work. We provide space for rising stars who are committed to serving on a team of like-minded performers. We recognize and reward excellence.
Big-Picture Thinking
We encourage employee engagement within the scientific community. We foster growth opportunities with our expansive network of colleagues and clients, allowing the good work we each do to reach its highest potential.

Mutually Beneficial

We recognize our team members' contributions with conscientious, distinctive, and meaningful workplace rewards. Learn more about the benefits of being a StageBio employee.

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Comprehensive Employee Benefits
We offer a broad range of dental, vision, and healthcare provisions, in addition to short-term disability and life insurance options.
Join a World-Class Scientific Team
Our scientists and innovators are global industry leaders. We provide support for publication opportunities and conference attendance.
Career Growth
We offer job mobility and flexible work options, in addition to possibilities for advancement across multiple locations within the United States.
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Company Culture
We provide a relaxed and comfortable work environment in which serious employees are able to be their best selves while doing their best work.

Career Pathways

At StageBio, our goal is to make the world a better place for our friends and family. We offer multiple career pathways where our employees can apply their strengths and values in order to thrive in their individual goals, in addition to making a difference as part of our team.

Scientific Talent

We want our scientists and pathologists to engage in work that excites them.


That is why we make a point to understand and support the varied career goals of our scientific staff and to offer career models that allow our pathology team to pursue the workload that is appropriate for their lifestyle. If you are looking for a company that values the LIFE in life sciences, click here.

Laboratory Talent

Our histology talent consists of individuals who enjoy task-based integral work.


Our technician training is meant to empower those who like to DO and offers plenty of growth opportunity as employees develop their skills and interests. If you like to see your work materialize in a manner that bears a real impact on the health of our ever-changing world, click here.

Quality Assurance Talent

The quality assurance team we have assembled is informed, engaged, and on point.


We look for individuals who combine a shrewd eye for critical assessment with the soft skills required for quality reporting and continuous improvement. If you are eager to see your mindful attention to detail contribute to meaningful outcomes in medical research, click here.

Pathology Support Talent

The support we provide our pathologists is crucial to the success of our company.


Pathology support members tend to be jack-of-all-trades seekers and finders. One never knows what new challenges may appear as the bedrock of the pathology team, so we look for individuals who are tenacious, curious, and organized. If you are looking for a career that is pivotal and ever-changing, click here.

Client Support Talent

Clients come to us with ideas that can change the world.


Our client support team provides first-class services to a range of business entities, from high-profile sponsors and contract research organizations to innovative startups on the front lines of medical advancement. If you are service-oriented and eager to interface with customers to see their projects progress, click here

Human Resources and Administrative Talent

We take our employees’ needs seriously.


Our human resources and administrative departments are the keystone to our success, providing essential infrastructure support. These team members thrive on behind-the-scenes action and engage with our internal customers to create a comfortable and productive daily workplace environment. If you enjoy helping teammates succeed, click here.

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