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3 Reasons Organizations are Outsourcing Histopathology

Businesses and organizations have similar reasons for outsourcing non-core functions, yet some functions are more crucial than others.

When it comes to outsourcing histopathology services, organizations and companies have crucial requirements from their outsourcing partners. Let's discuss this topic more by examining 3 reasons organizations are outsourcing histopathology services.

  • Reducing Costs and Overhead
  • Expanded Services Needed
  • Project and Staff Augmentation

#1. Reducing Costs and Overhead:

This is one of the main reasons why organizations are considering outsourcing some or all of their histopathology services to a third-party lab. For many organizations the laboratory isn't a core-function, yet it's vital for their overall needs. The cost of maintaining a lab, equipment, storage facilities, and staff, puts too much pressure on the budget, especially, considering this service isn't a directly profitable function.

Outsourcing histopathology is one of the first areas organizations and companies consider when cutting expenses. The main reasons they balk at following through with this consideration is because of concerns about the timeliness and quality of the work being outsourced. When these concerns are alleviated with a quality partner, outsourcing becomes a great way to reduce costs and significantly save on overhead expenses.

#2. Expanded Services Needed:

Another main reason why organizations outsource histopathology is to meet an expanded service need. In other words, they need a service their own labs can't provide. For instance, a company needs certain toxicological pathology work to be done, or needs experienced and trained necropsy prosectors. Whatever the case may be, outsourcing histopathology for specific services is a major reason organizations partner with a proven CRO.

Not all outsourcing partners are alike, especially when it comes to such a specialized field. The storage capacity, services, and professional staff – all must align with the organization's needs.

#3. Project and Staff Augmentation:

There may be certain times when the workload is higher, or a project is undertaken that requires more staff and capabilities; in these cases, project and staff augmentation through outsourcing is a good option. This option works when organizations can't or don't want to comprehensively outsource their histopathology needs.

The type of companies and organizations HSRL works with often have seasonal or variable workload variations, which can overload their staffs and capabilities in many ways. This is when having a quality outsourcing partner is very useful, as long as they can be trusted to produce quality and timely results.

When organizations know they have a quality histopathology outsourcing partner, they can confidently take on large projects and have the assurance of their ability to complete it within any: budget, time, and/or compliance restraints.

Outsourcing is on the rise in all industries, as technology and infrastructure become more and more interconnected and integrated. The main benefits of saving time and money are great reasons to outsource, yet when it comes to specialized services, organizations have to consider more than just these factors.

The 3 reasons we've highlighted show why organizations and companies are outsourcing their histopathology services, yet each instance involves unique reasons and circumstances. Overall, the main attributes organizations need in their outsourcing partner are: timeliness, quality results, and expanded capabilities. When these attributes are found, outsourcing histopathology is a profitable move for any organization or company. If interested in learning more about HSRL’s services, please contact us today.


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