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A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing High Quality Slides

Microscopic research is a delicate field. Knowing how to analyze specimens and write relevant reports is just one part of the process.

Why Use a CRO for Pre-Clinical Necropsy

Pre-clinical Necropsy defines one of the processes researchers use to develop drugs for humans. It is a step taken using animals to study the tissue response to a developed drug.

GLP & Non-GLP: What's the Difference?

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) refers to a system where non-clinical health and safety studies are carried out, planned, monitored, recorded, archived and reported.

The First Steps in Getting The Highest Quality Slides

The way to get the best microscopy studies is to make sure your subject is fixed in such a way that light goes through it evenly and that significant features in the subject are clearly demarcated.

Four Benefits to Outsource Your Histopathology: How it Affects Project Management Time

In the world of histology, time can become a major enemy when you have to finish a study by a specific deadline for your sponsors. When your lab technicians have to deal with a complex study, they're going to need proper time to do it right. If they become too rushed due to time pressures, mistakes are inevitable.

Why Histotechnology Is Key to Drug Development

The entire drug discovery process can be a long and arduous road; each step provides a crucial contribution to the final goal, which is safely and effectively treating patients with an FDA-approved drug. The preclinical phase relies significantly on high quality histotechnology, which comprises the cornerstone of safety and efficacy studies, therefore influencing all further phases of development for the test compound. The path to drug discovery includes the following:

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