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The Clear Benefits of Outsourcing Your IHC Histopathology

Are you planning on performing IHC as part of your study? Is the data you obtain from IHC critical in your decision making process? As any scientist knows, it is very important to plan your experiment well to achieve high-quality, repeatable results.

Fixation 101: A Primer for Outsourcing Your Histopathology

Clearly, experimental tissue samples are vital to any study. Before you sacrifice your animal or start preparing buffers, here are a few fundamental techniques and practices that will help you excise an ideal sample before sending those samples to us for further histopathological assessment.

The Importance of Consistent Slide Production from Study to Study

Creating slides in your histology lab might seem routine, though your reputation rests solely on the results.

Slide Stains: Choosing the Best Stain for the Best Results

As a histology lab, using stains in your microscopy work is likely a routine part of your operations. Enhancing contrast and highlighting structures in your slides is obviously an important part in gaining accurate results in your tests.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing High Quality Slides

Microscopic research is a delicate field. Knowing how to analyze specimens and write relevant reports is just one part of the process.

Why Use a CRO for Pre-Clinical Necropsy

Pre-clinical Necropsy defines one of the processes researchers use to develop drugs for humans. It is a step taken using animals to study the tissue response to a developed drug.

GLP & Non-GLP: What's the Difference?

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) refers to a system where non-clinical health and safety studies are carried out, planned, monitored, recorded, archived and reported.

The First Steps in Getting The Highest Quality Slides

The way to get the best microscopy studies is to make sure your subject is fixed in such a way that light goes through it evenly and that significant features in the subject are clearly demarcated.

Four Benefits to Outsource Your Histopathology: How it Affects Project Management Time

In the world of histology, time can become a major enemy when you have to finish a study by a specific deadline for your sponsors. When your lab technicians have to deal with a complex study, they're going to need proper time to do it right. If they become too rushed due to time pressures, mistakes are inevitable.

10 Reasons to Outsource Your Study During the Holidays

Academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms face many of the same holiday demands that retail stores face.

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