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4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IHC Histopathology

As any scientist knows, a lot can go wrong during an experiment. Once you have your final samples and you’re ready for analysis, that’s not the time to be taking any chances. You’re going to want to rely only on repeatable and tested protocols consistently performed by experts. The benefits of outsourcing your IHC histopathology needs are obvious. 

Consider all the steps that need to be worked out for a single IHC trial:

First you need consistent and expert embedding in paraffin, which can be messy to work with if you’re not already set up for tissue processing. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, the dehydration and embedding can ruin crucial samples. If infiltration is incomplete, you’re going to get damaged sections.

Next comes sectioning. You want to make sure your sections are taken by an expert who knows how to avoid wrinkles, tears, and other sample damage that can come from inexperienced sectioning. You’re also going to want to make sure you know just how to space tissue out evenly in a block to allow for optimal staining and examination of the slide. These are just a few of the many questions and details that can go into optimal tissue processing. That’s why you should trust repeatable protocols performed by experts using an automated staining system.

Consistent sample processing
Consistency is key. Given the cost of antibodies and other reagents, you’re not going to want to test and develop protocols when you have important samples to process just waiting in the pipeline.

Save money
Purchasing expensive reagents, often times in large quantities, will be expertly used the first time. Often times these reagents will expire before you have the need to use them again. Outsourcing companies use the same reagents for many studies, therefore making them more cost effective.

Save time
You’ll save time by letting a reputable partner process your samples, letting you get on with other aspects of your work. You’re also going to save time because when something is done right the first time, it doesn’t need to be done a second time.

Discuss your experimental design with experts
A good outsourcing company can help identify the best markers for your study. They will have used their already developed protocols and will be able to use their experience to assist you in determining which markers will perform best for your specific study.

If you have any questions regarding IHC sample processing, please contact us today. We’re happy to discuss the best options available to help make your study a success!

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