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4 Keys to Managing a Successful Virtual Necropsy

StageBio recently hosted the webinar, Successful Virtual Necropsy and Specimen Study Logistics.

This event included insights from Dr Laura Elcock, Dr David Garlick and Sam Jeffrey on how to implement a successful virtual necropsy study and other resources to help your team improve your research study process. Check out the highlights below! 

Virtual Necropsy

For many of you, 2020 pushed/inspired us to edit our traditional practices and implement creative change. Being adaptable has helped us make our process even better. (How has being adaptable last year benefited you? We’d love to hear!) We have compiled 4 best practices you can use to implement a successful virtual necropsy - and save resources and time doing it. 

Key #1: Host a pre-necropsy meeting with pathologists

Schedule a kickoff meeting with your pathologist and use it as a chance for introductions and equipment testing. This is a great opportunity to communicate priorities and check in before things get started. Run a quick tech check and test your virtual necropsy kit and equipment that you will be using. If you are working with StageBio, we have a Virtual Necropsy Kit that includes everything you need - feel free to contact us here for more information. Additionally, getting the Sponsor involved in any pre-necropsy meeting as well as during the necropsy procedures is always a plus. 

Key #2: Invest in quality technology

Be sure to invest in reliable and highspeed internet, a quality camera such as a GoPro, and strong audio and lighting equipment. This gives you a perfect excuse to upgrade your wifi - while still remaining more cost-effective than travel fees. Another feature of quality technology is to ensure password protected software to allow only those authorized to view live necropsy procedures to do so. Also, necropsies can be recorded to allow review, if needed, but these recordings would not constitute raw data in any fashion. 

Key #3: Be consistent in your reporting

Create a system that promotes consistent data tracking to maximize the quality of your report early on. Doing this will simplify your data-tracking process, allowing your reporting to be more consistent and streamlined. Trust us - your final report will thank you later!

Key #4: Train your prosectors well

It might sound obvious, but having the right person makes a world of difference for your study and final report. Whether you provide training support for your technical staff remotely or they are a trained veteran, training is key for a successful study. If you need training support, we are happy to connect more with you and provide resources for support.

Courier Support and Archiving Support

If you are interested in learning more about how StageBio’s team can reduce study timelines and simplify the research study process, we’d love to connect. StageBio’s Courier Support and Archiving Support are designed to make your life easier; from completing your studies on time to keeping costs down with our same-day courier service. Please contact us today to start a conversation at

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