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Benefits of Histopathology Outsourcing: Cutting the Costs of Lab Operations

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You already know how expensive running a laboratory is for your Histology practice and how it affects the morale of your staff. Over the years, you've no doubt realized how much you have to do to keep your employees trained, upholding standard operating procedures, and keeping yourself compliant.

These are just some of the things becoming impossible to control on your own when you have pressures to respond quickly to client needs.

By outsourcing these procedures, you're going to find yourself in a better position for time management and enhanced productivity. Most of all, you're going to cut costs, which is vital to stay within limited budget guidelines.

At the same time, you're going to have an outsourced team with guaranteed certification so the results from their work remain top-tier.

Here's some benefits to outsourcing your Histopathology in the coming year and specific areas where you'll reduce costs considerably.

Cutting Costs on Training

How many years have you had to hire a training team to come in and keep your lab staff fully educated? While some of your employees may update their certifications on their own time, you have to train them on your own to stay up to speed on procedures.

Training takes considerable time and money that becomes difficult when you have major client demands. It's a major challenge to fit in training time and still expect your workers to get lab studies done by a certain date.

Outsourcing your studies to an already trained staff frees up your own staff to upgrade their training. Now you can let your team take a breather rather than try to fit in too much and become burned out.

Upholding Standard Operating Procedures

It costs money to uphold SOPs as well, especially in creating training manuals. The printing costs alone become considerable when you have a mountain of operating procedures to list for each lab technician.

While you can create training manuals digitally in some cases, it still takes time and money to get them done. Your employees need time to assimilate these SOPs, and it could take weeks when they have a training manual as big as a dictionary.

Temporarily outsourcing to other histologists guarantees they'll uphold SOPs with everything they do. Once again, this frees your own staff to learn your own SOPs if they haven't had time lately.

Equipment Maintenance Records

Another task taking a lot out of your budget is trying to keep records on any lab equipment maintenance. Trying to maintain all your equipment can turn into a singular chore when needing repairs. It's even more challenging when equipment breaks down during an overly busy time.

Like training manuals above, you need to keep records on all the maintenance you have, frequently for regulation purposes. It requires hiring someone to print them, then finding storage space.

When you create those records on paper, it's going to require extra storage space you may not have. To accommodate, you'd have to pay for third-party storage facilities.

Once again, outsourcing takes all histology studies to another lab with dependable equipment to remove worries about sudden technology breakdowns.

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance Records

More expense can come from other regulatory compliance records you need to keep on-site or elsewhere. Doing this either on paper or digitally requires a lot of time to assemble.

Since laboratory regulations frequently turn complex and continually change, it takes a lot more money to continually update these records. This doesn't include keeping them safe from cyber thieves.

The best outsourcing providers keep all procedures compliant so you'll continue a perfect track record.

Contact us at HSRL, Inc. so we can provide the outsourcing you need.

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