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Dr. Serge Rousselle to Host Upcoming Webinar

Join StageBio for our complimentary webinar, “Medical Device Safety - How to Improve Histopathological Evaluations,” on Friday, December 2 at 1pmEST presented by Dr. Serge Rousselle, Distinguished Pathologist.

Attendees will learn the fundamentals behind medical device evaluation and how to better ensure the accurate histopathological evaluation of medical device safety, efficacy, heating, and bio compatibility innonclinical assessments. This webinar will benefit pathologists, trainees, scientists, and study directors working in the medical device field.

Dr. Rousselle will also review the histology challenges of absorbable implants, and discuss solutions to these challenges, such as how to prevent histology reagents from interfering with the implant material.

Don’t miss this webinar! Register here and contact us for more information.

About Serge Rousselle, DVM, DACVP

Dr. Rousselle spent the early part of his career as a toxicologic pathologist in the pharmaceutical industry. Over time, his work has made him a luminary in medical device histopathology. As a medical device expert, Dr. Rousselle enjoys collaborative work with sponsors and colleagues and the challenges of improving the way new products are assessed and patient safety is ensured. Currently, as a Distinguished Pathologist with StageBio, his work is now also focused on new imaging techniques, digital pathology, and image analytics. Dr. Rousselle is an active member of ACVP and STP and has co-authored over 30 journal articles and many abstracts presented at international conventions.

About StageBio

StageBio is a leading provider of GLP-compliant necropsy, histology, pathology, and specimen archiving services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device, academic, and contract research industries. The company operates four GLP laboratories as well as three GLP specimen archiving facilities in the U.S., along with one GLP laboratory in Europe. We will continue to make investments in facility and technology infrastructure to meet the growing demand for high-quality histopathology services globally. StageBio has a team of 30+ board-certified veterinary pathologists and more than 100 laboratory technicians on staff supporting our unified commitment to quality, scientific integrity and client satisfaction. Learn more at

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