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Four Benefits to Outsource Your Histopathology: How it Affects Project Management Time

In the world of histology, time can become a major enemy when you have to finish a study by a specific deadline for your sponsors. When your lab technicians have to deal with a complex study, they're going to need proper time to do it right. If they become too rushed due to time pressures, mistakes are inevitable.

This can place a huge blight on your project management time, particularly when your staff doesn't have time to train for your specific study.

Updated knowledge is essential for histology studies since regulations keep changing, as do scientific advancements. It's easy to fall behind, hence putting your project management in disarray.

You can change all of this when you realize outsourcing is a better choice. Maybe you've balked at outsourcing simply because you think you won't get technicians with proper training. In truth it can completely streamline project management to maintain your reputation.

Here's four benefits to outsourcing your Histopathology so you can bring good laboratory principles to your project timeline.

1. Properly Following Study Protocol

Each study is going to have particular protocols that dictate how long you'll have to take to get it done correctly. In some cases, you may find far too many limitations in your staff, including relying on the human eye.

For the above, not being able to recognize the quantification of what a technician sees can pose a problem. The bigger problem is moving technicians into this role when they clearly haven't had time to update their training.

Outsourcing helps assure those you hire took the time to gain updated certification and understanding current regulations.

2. Taking Less Time to Complete a Study

Keeping your sponsors is essential to maintain your reputation in a very competitive industry. Unfortunately, some histology labs rush through studies just to appease the sponsors who put up the money. This only leads to errors in the study results, no matter how slight.

A small mistake could snowball and result in word spreading about your carelessness. It's not easy to set this right again since sponsors could go to other similar labs within your city or state.

When you outsource, you get a compelling combination: Outsourced technicians have enough practice  doing studies that they can do them quickly without errors.

Considering they do these studies every day, you'll find something your regular lab employees don't have enough experience doing.

3. Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Your project management timetable can come to an immediate halt when you discover a mistake in one of your studies. Even if you find the error early, it could take time to find out where it occurred, and who made the mistake.

Finding answers to this can sometimes become an impossible task when you have multiple people working on one study. Some of those who made the mistake may not admit to it, making accountability a challenge. Ultimately, it falls on you as a manager, and it could affect job stability.

You won't have to worry about mistakes with an outsourced team since they'll know every study procedure. They're also world-class technicians who know typical industry mistakes and make efforts to avoid them.

4. Balancing Time on a Project

Perhaps you've developed misconceptions about outsourcing by thinking it takes over all your lab work. Outsourcing works how you want it, and it can simply fill in for various tasks while you do others.

Maybe you're just a few employees short of properly trained staff. By hiring a few outsourced professionals to help you through a histology study, you can still keep some of your regular employees involved, yet with no burdens.

Ultimately, this helps balance time on your projects for more superior management.

Please Contact us at HRSL, where we can provide proper outsourcing for your studies and demonstrate what efficient project management can look like.

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