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Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Lisa Mangus!

Meet our featured StageBio senior pathologist, Dr. Lisa Mangus, DVM, PhD, DACVP!

How long have you worked with StageBio?  
I just celebrated my 3-year anniversary at the beginning of May.

What are your primary interests within the pathology space?  
As a member of the neuropathology team at StageBio, I spend most of my working hours looking at and thinking about brains, spinal cords, nerves, and ganglia. I do have a particular interest in disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Prior to joining StageBio, I spent much of my time doing diagnostic pathology in zoo and aquatic species, which was a lot of fun. 

What are your most recent work accomplishments?   
On June 7, I’ll be presenting an Xtalks webinar about running successful neuropathology studies. Figuring out which nervous system tissues to sample and how best to prepare them for microscopic evaluation can be challenging and depends heavily on the nature of the test article and the study objectives. This talk will include lots of practical guidance to aid in making these decisions and achieve a thorough neuropathology evaluation. 

What do you like about the StageBio culture? 
I really enjoy the variety of different study types that I get to evaluate. Even though I focus on the nervous system, each investigation is unique and typically includes an array of very informative (and beautiful) special staining and labeling techniques. There’s always something new to learn. I also appreciate feeling well-supported by the many fantastic people that make these studies possible – from the laboratory staff and research associates to the project managers and QA team – it truly does take a village!

What do you like to do on the weekends?
On Saturday mornings, my husband, son and I all go to German language school together (they are both fluent, I am a beginner.) Then we usually treat ourselves to lunch from a local bakery or market. I’m also a big music fan and enjoy going to live performances whenever I get the chance. 

Thanks, Dr Mangus, for all you do for the neuropathology space and StageBio team! 

To sign up for Dr Mangus’s upcoming webinar, go here, or contact our team to learn more about StageBio.

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