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Necropsy: Why Use a CRO for Your Pre-Clinical Research

When you are involved in preclinical research, it can be beneficial to use a CRO, or contract research organization. The first step has to do with necropsy, and can be a necessary step when determining whether a drug is capable of being tested in people.

By scheduling a necropsy with a CRO, you can learn a significant amount. It is essentially an autopsy conducted on an animal, such as a mouse, rabbit, or pig. What you can find out is vital to moving forward in your preclinical research and ultimately being able to move into the next step with the FDA regarding clinical trials.

What a Necropsy Can Tell You

When you are conducting preclinical research, you have a drug already for testing. Now, you need to figure out whether it is capable of doing everything that you think it can. Once you have moved into in vivo testing, you will test on various animals.

If you have dosed the animals with a drug, the necropsy is going to be an eye opening experience. You can see just how the drug interacted with the various tissues.

The information that you can obtain from the tissues can show you where you need to make improvements. It will allow you to look at chemical interactions as well as dosing so you can get one step closer to being able to test the drug on humans.

Why Work with a CRO?

You have a lot going on within your preclinical research. It may also be one of many things that you are working on. You may not have the time in order to conduct a necropsy, which can slow down the entire research project. If you are under deadline, it can be beneficial to hand this project over to a CRO, where you can rely on the results as well as meet your deadlines.

Additionally, you may have limited knowledge on this species you have tested on. This means that you will want to rely on a team that is trained and techniques regarding such animals as mice, ferrets, guinea pigs, dogs, as well as non-human primates. If you are not up to date on the anatomy, it could end up causing issues regarding the tissues you pull, the slides you view, and the ultimate findings that you report.

Integrity is an important aspect of any preclinical research. If you want FDA approval, you will need to follow the necessary steps. Failure to do so could have you mark is not using good laboratory practices (GLP).

Your goal is to use preclinical studies to determine dosing and toxicity levels so that you can move on to testing a drug in people. You can go from preclinical research into clinical research, and then get the FDA review. Using necropsy services will make it easy for you to obtain the information you need without having to do all of it on your own.

When you're involved in preclinical research, obtaining help from a CRO can help you to stay sane and deadline oriented.

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