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Virtual Necropsy & Courier/Archiving Webinar

StageBio Virtual Necropsy & Courier/Archiving Solutions Reduce  Timelines!

Join us for our Webinar on February 24th at 11:00am EST!

StageBio cordially invites you to join our webinar detailing our necropsy support and courier/archiving logistics services. We hope that a discussion highlighting these offerings will be helpful for our clients as we conduct research together and draw on our vast experience to make life simpler and reduce research timelines.

Virtual Necropsy Support:

  • Improves timelines and reduces costs
  • Instant access to our team of 25+ board-certified pathologists
  • Is not affected by weather or COVID restrictions
  • Allows for pathologist supervision of unscheduled necropsies

StageBio Courier Support:

  • Improves timelines and increases productivity
  • Provides a safe alternative to third-party vendors
  • Improves efficiency for staff and logistics support
  • Is a convenience our clients love

StageBio Archiving Support:

  • Accommodates same-day study finalization
  • Alleviates substantial staff and facility requirements
  • Provides 24-hour retrieval
  • Leverages 50+ years of GLP archiving experience

Please reach out to for more information. 

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