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Pathologist Spotlight: Meet Dr. Joy Gary

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Joy Gary DVM, PhD, DACVP, Senior Pathologist/Principal Investigator, Neuropathology

How long have you worked with StageBio?  I have been at StageBio for a little more than 2.5 years.

What are your primary interests within the Pathology space?  I am fascinated by neuropathology. I find that the intricacies of the central nervous system rival those of most other organ systems and that many deep mysteries remain in neuroscience, making this field particularly exciting and challenging. I also have a long-standing interest in animal models of disease, the One Health Concept, and digital pathology solutions, which have relevance for so many programs seen daily at StageBio. In addition, I have an interest in infectious disease pathology, though I am currently less likely to see infectious agents in my day to day work.

What are your most recent work accomplishments?  I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on a variety of studies utilizing species ranging from rodents to nonhuman primates and involving different treatment modalities, including small molecules and gene therapies, some of which are administered by direct delivery. I have also been able to participate in method development for new immunohistochemical markers and in situ hybridization assays, which is extremely rewarding. Finally, I am a co-author on an upcoming publication evaluating the occurrence of gliosis in control nonhuman primates and rodents. 

I particularly enjoy evaluating studies utilizing gene therapies and see the immense value in pairing these studies with in situ hybridizations assays targeting the transgene. I also particularly enjoy evaluating therapies in mouse disease models, based on my previous experience with genetically engineered mice. 

What do you like about the StageBio culture?  I particularly enjoy the collaborative and supportive nature of StageBio pathologists, both within the Neuropathology team and across the company. This goes hand in hand with the StageBio-wide commitment to expanding our knowledge and skills that fit our curious and enthusiastic natures. Most importantly, the deep expertise of the StageBio laboratory team and the backing of the support staff is invaluable.

What do you like to do on the weekends?  On the weekends, I enjoy spending time with my family outside, at a museum or nature center, or participating in a fun festival or activity. We recently began a mission to visit state and national parks together and are getting the hang of tent camping. I also love to read, enjoy nature, walking my dog, and participating in anything involving arts or crafts. 

Dr. Gary, StageBio is so happy you are on our team! We look forward to all you will continue to accomplish in the neuropathology, digital pathology, and infectious disease pathology space and beyond. 

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