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Pathologist Spotlight: Meet Dr. Sureshkumar Muthupalani

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Sureshkumar Muthupalani, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, DACVP

How long have you worked with StageBio?  
Dr. Sureshkumar Muthupalani has worked with StageBio approximately 2 years as a Senior Pathologist/Principal Investigator.

What are your primary interests within the pathology space?  
Dr Muthupalani’s main focus within StageBio is in the Investigative Pathology sphere. He also played a major role in the expansion of Digital Pathology based Image Analysis capabilities. Additionally, he's a major asset for Stagebio's early-stage toxicology studies.

What are your most recent work accomplishments?   
As part of StageBio, Dr Muthupalani has routinely contributed to the development of new protocols for investigative pathology services  and enabled successful completion of digital image analysis projects.  In addition, he periodically collaborates with academic researchers authoring peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters.

What do you like about the StageBio culture? 
Dr Muthupalani appreciates the flexible work options, encouragement to pursue external professional  interests and research, and a highly collaborative work culture with the StageBio team. Above all, StageBio is endowed with an amazing group of laboratory and support personnel,  as well as a large group of highly experienced pathologists with diverse expertise in a vibrant atmosphere.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Outside of work, Dr Muthupalani enjoys spending time with family, hiking, driving, and exploring the hidden-gem towns and scenery of the New England region.

Thanks to Dr Muthupalani for all you do for StageBio! We look forward to the future and all you will continue to accomplish.

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