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Please Visit HSRL at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2017

If you work in the scientific field of toxicology, you're likely always striving to find ways to improve the work you do while enhancing the health of those you serve.

That's the goal of every toxicologist, and it's one reason the Society of Toxicology exists. Now 56 years old, this organization helps advance the safety and health of those around the world with better toxicology practices.

At their core, they work hard to serve the needs of those in this field and help evolve the health of animals, humans, and the environment. They also find ways to help educate and expand knowledge on continually evolving techniques and regulations.

As with many similar scientific organizations, SOT holds an annual meeting that gathers those in toxicology from around the world. In addition to the annual meeting, they have ToxExpo, which is going to occur at the same venue and time.

We invite you to come see HSRL at SOT 2017, booth #2037.

Here's more on ToxExpo and what you'll learn about us:

The Basics on the Annual Meeting/ToxExpo

Held from March 12-16 in Baltimore, Maryland this year, the event annually brings in 3,500 toxicologists to network. Plus, over 350 exhibitors come here to help promote themselves and promote Good Laboratory Practices.

You can learn from the best through platform sessions and educational programs. Through ToxExpo, your own company can join the ranks and be able to promote yourself to others. It's an opportunity to increase overall awareness of your services while upholding SOT's mission statement.

Held this year at the busy Baltimore Convention Center, you'll want to learn a little more about how you can participate, especially if wanting to send in abstracts for sessions.

Sending in Abstracts for Presentations

What's so great about organizations like SOT is they allow participants to send in abstracts for potential presentations. It's worth considering submitting if your toxicology lab wants to present a session to fellow industry companies. SOT does have strict rules on this, however, and most presentations can only occur within 16-20 minutes. They even give poster presenters a chance to share their research electronically. The deadline to submit an abstract has passed for this year’s conference, but they will be accepting abstracts for the upcoming 2018 conference in San Antonio.

Scientific Sessions

Outside of platform and poster presentations mentioned above, SOT already has a basic roster of scientific sessions planned. Their current tentative list includes extensive symposia, workshop sessions, roundtable sessions, informational sessions, career development sessions, and historical highlight sessions.

Don't miss the event's continuing education courses held only on March 12. Topics range from molecular imaging in toxicology to guidelines for practical application. Keep in mind these courses are all being presented electronically at the 2017 gathering.

About HSRL at the Event

Take some time to register for SOT's annual meeting and ToxExpo, because you'll find many like us who can help you improve your lab's work standards. We're an outsourcing company providing fast and reliable studies for many scientific fields, including toxicology labs.

Our intent is to provide quality services within budget and on time to remove burdens. We know that with tight budgets and pressures to uphold your reputation, handling case studies on your own is sometimes impossible.

Each study we perform gets the full attention it requires, along with a fully knowledgeable staff to avoid critical errors. This allows you to focus on other aspects in your toxicology lab and still uphold a high standing in your field.

Contact us to find out more about our outsourcing services and to learn other details about our SOT attendance.   We hope to see you there!


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