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Seven Significant Benefits of Outsourcing Histopathology

Time is of the essence in the realm of contract research organizations, academic institutions, pharma and biotech -- but so are accuracy and affordability. 

Fortunately, despite that old trope, "fast, good or cheap – pick two," organizations are finding that outsourcing their histopathology can contribute to meeting deadlines, ensuring the highest quality and staying within budget.  Let's look at seven benefits of outsourcing your histopathology

#1. Reducing your laboratory costs in-house can yield significant savings. The cost to operate a lab with dedicated employees outweighs the cost of outsourcing more than half the time. Over and over again, we see organizations determine that a decision to outsource histopathology will help rather than hurt the budget.

#2. Handing off lab work to deadline specialists can assist you in meeting your own overall deadlines. Top histopathology outsourcing labs are specialists in maintaining the integrity of the testing process within a strict time horizon.  Balancing scientific integrity with the need to adhere to contractual deadlines is part of the mission of these specialist labs. 

#3. Can you adhere to your SOPs in-house?  Standardization in testing and protocols is non-negotiable. Histopathology labs that provide service for researchers have honed and documented their standard operating procedures.  You can preview and approve procedures and be assured that your slides and specimens will be handled precisely – in accordance with rules created to protect the validity of your research.

#4. Specimen storage is not an afterthought when you work with a dedicated lab. Experience with storing slides and specimens – along with specialized equipment from climate control to custom storage compartments – are some of the most important benefits of working with a firm with a track record of outsourcing histopathology for organizations engaged in research. All too often an organization that does not have an exclusive, full-time focus on histopathology will have a tendency to neglect the intricacies of proper tissue storage. 

#5. Safeguarding the integrity of those specimens extends to shipping, as well. Shipping procedures take on the same urgency and level of experience as the handling and storage of samples. Seeking out experts at labeling the materials to be examined and determining that slides are properly packaged for safe and secure shipment is built-in to the dedicated labs that do histopathology every day of the year. Expertise in handling and experience with carriers take years to dial in.  Why have your team experiment with shipping when you need a complete lack of additional variables?

#6. A singular focus on histopathology means employing the best materials at the best rates. Labs that specialize in outsourcing firms can buy materials such as slides at scale.  Bulk purchases empower these companies to obtain the superior materials at the best price point. Here, again, savings and dependability are paired and passed back to you.  

#7. Overall, these benefits are all tied to the seventh advantage: Specialization. Your own lab is much less likely to have the bandwidth to follow up on the specialized ongoing education that the career of histopathology demands.  Choosing a partner that sends highly engaged employees to meetings and trade shows within the specialty frees up your team to attend more closely to the core concerns of your research. Having a company culture where many people are excited about what came out of the latest gathering of the Society of Quality Assurance or the Society of Toxicology probably doesn't sound like your team. It doesn't have to. Specialization means that the arcane passions of the testing field can be supported and celebrated by your partner laboratory service. 

Choosing your Histopathology Partner

The seven cited advantages may convince you to look for a provider who can deliver on all of these promises. HSRL is an organization with decades of experience in providing the highest level of service in a timely and professional manner.  Once you decide to outsource your histopathology, the final step is to choose a provider that will best meet the unique needs of your organization. Please contact us to find out what a skilled team of dedicated histopathology experts outside of your team can bring to the success of your research.  


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