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StageBio introduces Templok™ ULT Backup Solution for biorepository and archiving services

StageBio announces the addition of Templok™ ULT Backup Solution to its biorepository and archiving facility repertoire.  StageBio is partnering with Insolcorp as of 2022 to leverage the Templok™ ULT Backup kits. This backup solution reduces energy consumption while improving warm up time by 3x to ensure client collection integrity and resiliency.     

“StageBio’s combination of new Energy Star rated ULT freezers, partnership with Insolcrop, and energy management strategies for biorepository applications will allow us to continue providing exceptional sample protection for our clients while taking sustainability within our industry seriously.” - Sam Jeffrey, VP, Supply Chain & BioRepository. 

StageBio’s state of the art facilities have been providing our clients archiving and biorepository services since 2005. Learn more about how this development protects samples, increases warm up time and more in this fact sheet or contact Sam Jeffrey for more information at

About StageBio

StageBio is a leading provider of GLP-compliant necropsy, histology, pathology, and specimen archiving and biorepository services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device, academic, and contract research industries. The company operates four GLP laboratories as well as three GLP specimen archiving facilities in the U.S., along with one GLP laboratory in Europe. StageBio will continue to make investments in facility and technology infrastructure to meet the growing demand for high-quality histopathology services globally. StageBio has a team of 30+ board-certified veterinary pathologists and more than 100 laboratory technicians on staff supporting our unified commitment to quality, scientific integrity, and client satisfaction. Learn more at

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