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StageBio Offers Biorepository and Archiving Services

StageBio is now offering Biorepository Services in addition to Archiving Services for clients. This service is now available globally and StageBio can facilitate the transportation of materials internationally.

StageBio offers several sample storage options including ambient, cold (5C and –20C), ultra low-temperature (-80C), and liquid nitrogen (-210C). StageBio is committed to maintaining the latest in safety for archiving and storage facilities, including 24 hour surveillance, backup power systems, environmental monitoring, material track-and-trace, and more.

“StageBio’s dedication to maintaining quality standards while adapting to evolving market needs allows us to be a trusted provider for our clients. We look forward to offering Biorepository Services in addition to Archiving in 2023.”  Lori Ball, CEO

StageBio is the leading international provider of preclinical and clinical histology, pathology, image analysis, and specimen biorepository and archiving services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device and contract research industries. StageBio’s state of the art facilities have been providing our clients archiving and biorepository services both internally and externally since 2005.

Learn more about StageBio’s Biorepository and Archiving Services here, or contact Sam Jeffrey, Vice President, Biorepository and Supply Chain here:

About StageBio

StageBio is a leading provider of GLP-compliant necropsy, histology, pathology, and specimen archiving and biorepository services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device, academic, and contract research industries. The company operates four GLP laboratories as well as three GLP specimen archiving facilities in the U.S., along with one GLP laboratory in Europe. We will continue to make investments in facility and technology infrastructure to meet the growing demand for high-quality histopathology services globally. StageBio has a team of 30+ board-certified veterinary pathologists and more than 100 laboratory technicians on staff supporting our unified commitment to quality, scientific integrity, and client satisfaction.  Learn more at

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