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Success in Preclinical Outsourcing: Quality, Speed, and Price


Do you really know how much capital expenditure you spend on your histopathology services? How about the amount of time you have to put in to manage your projects on a daily basis? If you're not paying attention, both are likely becoming challenging to control considering the complexity of the histology industry.

With much of your time and resources going into studying the changes in tissues caused by disease, it's perhaps taking more money than you realize you're spending to keep projects moving forward. It's maybe at a point where you're realizing you've overstepped your boundaries on your budget, and time has become strained due to pressures of getting research done by strict deadlines.

The answer to this is using a contract research organization as a way to outsource your GLP pre-clinical histopathology services.  Just like outsourcing in other industries, many find this a perfect solution to eliminate pressures and to save money.

Here's how success in pre-clinical outsourcing can help in quality, speed, and price.


In order to effectively process the tissues you analyze, you have to adhere to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) regulations. These principles from the FDA demand you use quality standard operation procedures to assure the results from your studies stay accurate.

This involves having superior human resources to keep things running optimally. Most importantly, it means having a dependable technical training program that assures your studies have proper expertise. But it doesn't stop there in the amount of resources you need.

Don't forget you need a huge staff creating training documents, equipment maintenance records, and regulatory compliance records.  When your budget becomes limited, it strains your practice's standings. Outsourcing to a team that has quality histotechnique knowledge, you'll get assurance of top-tier research.

Since your medical studies could take months, outsourcing maintains quality without having recurring turnover or needing to spend extra money for new hires.


Dealing with tight deadlines on your histopathology studies, you may place too much pressure on an existing medical staff to complete tissue analysis. Budget cuts might have forced you to work with a limited team that could slow down productivity and lead to downtime.  

Many of your clients undoubtedly demand a strict timetable on getting their tissue samples processed. Running behind could affect your reputation in the industry. Plus, you may have a request from the FDA for an IND submission, hence bringing more intense demands to your facility.

Outsourcing a reliable research team assures you'll get the research done on time without errors or added pressures. The greatest aspect to outsourcing these medical services is they easily complement your existing staff, and even work well together.

Thanks to outsourced histology experts, you'll have a team that's worked in several different fields of study that knows how to conduct testing in a fast and efficient way.


If you think outsourcing is expensive, it isn't when you compare with how much you pay in bringing in major resources for quality tissue analysis. In many cases, outsourcing is negotiable based on your particular needs, and you never have to worry about keeping your outsourced team on a recurring payroll.

Once you're done working with your team, you can use them again when the need arises. They're always there to keep you compliant with national and international regulations, most of which constantly change. Using an outsourced team's extensive knowledge from the field, they'll always know the latest regulatory updates.

When you are looking for a high-quality, fast, and affordable CRO, look to HSRL. HSRL provides services to other contract research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, academic institutions, and government agencies.


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