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The 3 keys to Success in Preclinical Outsourcing: Quality, Speed, and Price


The efficiencies that contract research organizations can gain from outsourcing preclinical histopathology services comes from a mix of organizational principles and industry specific standards. Of these, the three most critical success factors to consider are the quality of the slides and data, the speed and accuracy of completion, and price competitiveness.

Partnerships For Highly Specialized Services

Outsourcing has become especially useful in professions that are resistant to commoditization; in particular, it is a practical solution for the knowledge-intensive medical testing and research fields where each job that arrives in the laboratory might have a high degree of novelty.

Outsourcing is not just a business school buzzword; it is a defining feature of the many industries and professions that have to respond to the forces of competition. Contract research organizations (CROs) provide many vital services to research organizations and labs, but they can benefit from further delegation and consolidation of the most specialized tasks.

Delegating to specialized partners that focus on the particular set of technical capabilities appropriate to the task, is exclusively driving the state of the art and best practices for a broad range of industries.

Efficient Workflow From Concentrated Resources

For example, by outsourcing preclinical histopathology services as the need arises, means that they can hand off the work to service providers who continuously provide narrowly defined services on behalf of many CROs. All while providing the lowest fixed and variable costs, as well as compliance with the relevant regulatory standards.

A dedicated preclinical histopathology service has the advantage of concentrating laboratory technicians on the tasks for which they are best trained. This single-focus approach develops the highest level of knowledge and practical experience of one organization; it provides the highest level of production output while minimizing costs. As such, it is the closest presently known solution that converts high-value knowledge into a commodity, therefore the most efficient business model.

The realm of the skilled histotechnician is extremely refined and focused. Your organization gets the best value when it deploys these valuable workers in roles that are consistent and require the minimum downtime or interruptions, which is why a specialized preclinical service is the most efficient.

Quality Assurance And Good Laboratory Practice In Outsourcing

Organizations apply outsourcing as a solution because it delivers quality services at the greatest possible speed and a competitive price. Outsourcing to contractors should only be selected if the practice delivers on that promise.

In medical and research testing, the pressure to conform to good laboratory practice (GLP) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) combined with the threat of audits by the Food and Drug Administration is a significant burden. It is also an opportunity for CROs to build the skill sets that deliver on the promise of outsourcing.

Quality, Speed, And Price In Preclinical Outsourcing

It is the tension between providing the right information to the ultimate user and doing it at a competitive price that is the force driving CROs to find the most efficient business processes and partnerships. Specialization gives clients access to the best services in quality, speed and at the best price.

HSRL Inc. provides histology, pathology, and archiving services to CROs. We deliver GLP compliance and the experience to handle FDA audits with laboratories that can handle 15,000 samples every month and a library of hundreds of stains to prepare any conceivable sample. Contact us to discuss the best preclinical histopathology solution for your organization.

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