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Lab Vaults at 70 Degrees Every Day: Maintaining Proper Temperatures in Storage

Keeping proper temperatures for your lab materials has perhaps become challenging lately as you face continual budget cuts.

Pre-clinical Research and Fighting Breast Cancer: Outsourcing is the Answer

Breast cancer is one of the most insidious diseases in the world, and doing pre-clinical trials to find a cure are likely a major goal for your company.

How Often Should You Revisit Your SOPs?

Standard Operating Procedures are mostly a best practices guide for labs. Despite this being true, how often do you go back and review your SOPs?

Why You Should Outsource Your Pathology Reports

Facing audits is a way of life for those of you managing a laboratory.

Success in Preclinical Outsourcing: CRO's Exceed Expertise

As a Study Director, you're perhaps starting to see some of the limitations in what your staff is able to accomplish, particularly with budget limitations.

Tom Cruise Couldn’t Even Steal Your Material: Technology to Protect Your Files

Those of you who've seen the "Mission Impossible" movie franchise know they often make the impossible seem all too plausible.

Getting Published - How Important is a Peer Review?

If you're new to your scientific industry, it's time to learn an important part of what helps you gain more sponsors based on your research clout.

The Clear Benefits of Outsourcing Your IHC Histopathology

Are you planning on performing IHC as part of your study?  Is the data you obtain from IHC critical in your decision making process?  As any scientist knows, it is very important to plan your experiment well to achieve high-quality, repeatable results.

Fixation 101: A Primer for Outsourcing Your Histopathology

Clearly, experimental tissue samples are vital to any study.  Before you sacrifice your animal or start preparing buffers, here are a few fundamental techniques and practices that will help you excise an ideal sample before sending those samples to us for further histopathological assessment.

The Importance of Consistent Slide Production from Study to Study

Creating slides in your histology lab might seem routine, though your reputation rests solely on the results.

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