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Veterinary Pathologists: Increase Your Productivity- Hire A Research Associate

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Biotech companies are under extreme pressure to improve their research and development productivity. The internal management of veterinary pathology services, in particular, can require a great deal of time and resources that can otherwise be used to focus on your core competencies.

Many choose to respond to this challenge by working with research associates (RA) who can provide technical and administrative support to pathologists overseeing drug discovery and preclinical studies.

Many pathologists do not have research associates supporting their efforts. RAs are valuable extensions of pathologists and have the ability to assist with various aspects of study management in a cost-effective manner. Thus, adding an RA to your team can exponentially increase your productivity and expand your study load capacity.

The primary responsibility of the RA is to support pathologists as they develop and write pathology reports. These duties can include:

  • Setting up and verifying studies in data collection systems.
  • Drafting pathology narratives.
  • Generating template data tables.
  • Editing digital images.
  • Creating digital image report appendices.
  • Performing quality control review of pathology reports.

Research associates may also act as pathology laboratory liaisons, coordinating with the pathology team to discuss and define study details and overseeing the technical scope of work and compliance in the lab. Having this kind of support allows veterinary pathologists to focus on what they do best, rendering diagnosis. It will also allow CROs to accommodate faster timelines and tighter data audits.

Making the decision to use a research associate in your contract research organization requires a lot of thought and consideration of issues that are unique to you. Taking an inventory of your own needs to see how your company can benefit from the use of RAs is a step in the right direction.

HSRL Specializes in Histopathology & Specimen Storage Services


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