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Please Visit Our Booth at ACT 2016 in Baltimore

As we've written about recently, toxicology continues to be a demanding scientific field that requires extensive safety procedures and accuracy to maintain reputations. Seeking help from organizations helps immensely in gaining new knowledge and procedures to keep your own lab skills up to date. The same goes for staying compliant to avoid any regulatory fines.

Even so, your toxicology lab perhaps suffers from budgetary restraints that requires cutbacks on staff. Or, you simply don't have enough resources to properly train new technicians to do the exacting studies you need.

The American College of Toxicology is an international body of scientists in research and regulations to create a safer world in the toxicology field. They continually study what toxic substances do to biological systems and how to uphold Good Laboratory Practices in every procedure.

To help enhance their mission, they hold an annual meeting like many scientific organizations do. Their next one is this week and we want you to visit HSRL at the 37th ACT Meeting.

Here's more about what you'll find at this year's ACT event:

ACT's President Message

To learn what the goal is of ACT's annual meeting, take some time to read the message from the organization's president. It tells you how strong their commitment is to staying on top of the latest trends in toxicology, plus linking professionals in this field to learn from each other.

This is the full mission behind each year's meeting and continually includes world-class scientific programs, poster reception sessions and social events.

It gives opportunity for true face-to-face interactions, which are extremely valuable in all scientific communities.

By taking a look at ACT's program, you'll see how ambitious it is, including letting you submit abstractions for your own presentations.

What the Program Provides

Held from November 5-9 in Baltimore, Maryland, ACT's meeting has another jam-packed schedule that gives you everything from plenary lectures to continuing education courses. Some of the plenary lectures include talks from some of the greatest toxicologists in the industry, including Dr. Marilyn A. Huestis and Dr. Rodney Dietert.

The symposia is essential as well and covers complex topics like "Marijuana: Medical Friend or Illicit Foe?" Continuing education courses are just as important with both a.m. and p.m. courses throughout the four days.

Sending in Abstracts for Presentations

Almost every scientific gathering we attend gives opportunity for attendees to send in their own abstracts for presentations. It gives exhibitors a chance to present their views and pass on knowledge to their fellow toxicology peers.

The Exhibition Side of the Event

Don't miss the exhibition portion where you can network with many others in toxicology and share best practices in every discipline. It's here where you'll also find top scientists, including in drug development and from regulatory sectors, to discuss topics in an open environment.

Take a look at the virtual exhibit hall on ACT's website to see exactly who's attending so you can make a plan on who to talk to first.

At HSRL, we're again attending this November. We'll be available to discuss our outsourcing services that continue to help countless scientific industries. Through our outsourcing, we help ease the burdens from labs that need to conduct studies at industry standards, yet lack trained staff to do so effectively.

When you visit our booth, you'll see how many scientific categories we've helped while always bringing accurate test results. We do this by giving full attention to each study rather than tackling multiple things at once.

Contact us to find out more about our services, or visit us at ACT at booth #304.  We hope to see you there!

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