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Pathology of Bioabsorbable Implants in Preclinical Studies

Whitepaper Addresses Challenges of Bioabsorbable Implants in Preclinical Animal Studies and Data Interpretation.

In this peer-reviewed whitepaper published in SAGE Journal, StageBio Distinguished Pathologist Dr. Serge D. Rousselle joined his co-authors in evaluating the challenges of bioabsorbable implants and materials in the use of preclinical animal studies, especially regarding the impact that biomaterials can have on the interpretation of pathology data.

Bioabsorbable implants can negatively impact the execution and interpretation of preclinical animal studies

The whitepaper describes the developmental, imaging, and histopathological issues that various bioabsorbable implants and materials present when conducting preclinical animal studies. For example, the use of biomaterials on experimental sites can make these sites difficult to track and view on a macroscopic level for critical tasks such as tissue collection.

Other challenges discussed in the whitepaper include inflammation versus absorption, quantitative patency assessment, and biocompatibility as it relates to interspecies differences.

Strategies for mitigating or eliminating the challenges of bioabsorbable implants

After outlining the impact that biomaterials can have on the interpretation of data from of preclinical animal studies, Dr. Rousselle and his authors discuss potential solutions to either mitigate or eliminate the potential harm that mishandling or misinterpretation can have on risk assessment and regulatory review. One such solution is the use of advanced imaging such as MicroCT, radiography, and micro-MRI in conjunction with histology to assess implant absorption more accurately and another is the qualified pathological assessment of the tissue response and adaptation of ISO reactivity scoring.

Access whitepaper from SAGE Journal to learn more

To learn more about the unique challenges of biomaterials in preclinical animal studies and how you can minimize their impact on critical tasks and data interpretation, you can access the whitepaper here.  


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