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StageBio senior pathologist co-authors study demonstrating role of H. hepaticus in breast carcinogenesis

While a link has been observed between bacterium and the development of gastric and colorectal cancer, there has been little evidence to suggest a connection between intestinal microbiota and the carcinogenesis of extra-intestinal organs.

To understand whether such a connection exists, StageBio senior pathologist Dr. Sureshkumar Muthupalani co-authored a study titled “Translocation of Helicobacter hepaticus synergizes with myeloid-derived suppressor cells and contributes to breast carcinogenesis.” The goal of the study was to see if an intestinal infection of Helicobacter hepaticus (H. hepaticus) within female mice contributed to the formation of cancer tissue outside the small and large intestine.

Dr. Muthupalani and his fellow researchers compared female ApcMin/+ mice infected with H. hepaticus to uninfected mice from the same litter. The data they collected demonstrates that an H. hepaticus infection can indeed translocate to the mammary gland from the small and large intestine. This observable translocation of H. hepaticus from the intestine to the breast epithelium correlated with similar trafficking of Hdc+ myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) also to the breast epithelium, which resulted in mammary tumorigenesis within many of the infected mice.

Download and read “Translocation of Helicobacter hepaticus synergizes with myeloid-derived suppressor cells and contributes to breast carcinogenesis” to learn how the conclusion that H. hepaticus can translocate to the mammary tissues and, together with MDSCs, promote tumorigenesis was reached. 


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