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StageBio Pathologist Co-authors Chapter on Male Reproductive System in Toxicologic Pathology Textbook

Discover Dr. Quinci Plumlee's collaboration on the male rat's reproductive system in "Toxicologic Pathology, A Primer".

StageBio Senior Pathologist Dr. Quinci Plumlee, DVM, MS, DACVP, is a contributing co-author to the 2024 textbook, “Toxicologic Pathology: A Primer.” The book serves as a practical reference for the basic principles of toxicologic pathology.

Together with co-author Dr. Catherine Picut, Dr. Plumlee provides an evaluation of the male reproductive tissues of the adult rat, which are routinely evaluated in nonclinical safety studies. Among the tissues reviewed by Dr. Plumlee and Dr. Picut are the testis, epididymis, seminal vesicle, and prostate gland with a focus on xenobiotic-induced and spontaneous lesions.

Readers can expect to gain an introductory understanding of the structure, function, and development of tissues in the male reproductive system. They will also learn about the most common toxicologic effects observed in nonclinical safety assessment studies in the male reproductive tract including disruption of spermatogenesis, degeneration/atrophy, inflammatory and necrotizing processes, proliferative lesions, and neoplasia.  

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