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StageBio Announces new Head of Commercial, Wendy Sauer

Wendy Sauer joins StageBio as Head of Commercial

StageBio Announces new Director of Human Resources, Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson joins StageBio as Director of Human Resources

StageBio Attends STP’s 43rd Annual Symposium

Join StageBio at the 43rd STP Symposium, June 16-19 in Baltimore. Explore innovative therapeutics and attend our CE course on immunotoxicology with Dr. Papenfuss.

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Lisa Mangus!

Meet our featured StageBio senior pathologist, Dr. Lisa Mangus, DVM, PhD, DACVP!

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Olivia Patania!

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Olivia Patania, DVM, PhD, DACVP!

Dr. Stephanie Shrader Named Vice President of Pathology Solutions with StageBio

StageBio is excited to celebrate Dr. Stephanie Shrader in her new position as Vice President of Pathology Solutions.

Pathologist Spotlight: Meet Dr. Joy Gary

Meet our featured StageBio pathologist, Dr. Joy Gary DVM, PhD, DACVP, Senior Pathologist/Principal Investigator, Neuropathology

StageBio Announces David Bruning as New CEO & President

StageBio is delighted to announce that David Bruning is joining our team as our new CEO and President.

StageBio Presents at 2024 SOT Annual Meeting & Expo

The StageBio team is looking forward to attending the 63nd Annual SOT Annual Meeting & Expo on March 10-14 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Webinar Recap: The Processes, Tools, and Benefits of Digital Pathology

In part 1 of this blog series, we reviewed key takeaways from Dr. Thomas Lemarchand’s segment in the webinar titled “Evolution of AI and Digitization in Precision Pathology and Image Analysis,” which is available to watch on demand here.

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Date: August 28-31
Location: Madrid, Spain

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