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Running Successful Neuropathology Studies: Sampling & Preparing Nervous System Tissues for Microscopic Evaluation

When it comes to neuropathology studies, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

A Hypothesis on minimal Apoptosis/Single Cell Necrosis in the Primate Brain Following Ice-Cold Saline Perfusion

Learn what triggers minimal Apoptosis/Single Cell Necrosis in nonhuman primate brain in this whitepaper coauthored by StageBio senior pathologist Dr. Joy Gary.

Paper Provides New Insights into the Immunological Resistance of MARV Virus in Bats

While the Marburg virus disease (MVD) is deadly to humans, the filovirus responsible for it—i.e., the Marburg virus (MARV)—is carried asymptotically in Egyptian rousette bats (ERBs).

The feasibility and safety of a novel Encore PFO closure device in long-term porcine model

The limitations of current PFO occluders According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately one in four people have a hole between the left and right chambers of the heart known as a patent foramen ovale, or PFO. First-generation PFO occluders were designed to stop any resulting blood flow between the two chambers.

3D-printed scaffolds with geometric mismatches promote repair in periorbital bony defects of skeletally mature Yucatan minipigs

StageBio scientists co-author study that demonstrate the benefit of 3D-printed scaffolds with geometric mismatches to treat periorbital bony defects

StageBio senior pathologist co-authors article on the use of animal models of disease for nonclinical safety testing

Currently, healthy animal models play a critical role in the safety evaluation of a drug or health product. However, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities are becoming increasingly interested in the use of animal models of disease (AMD) to better understand the potential risk of a diseased population. Recent publications and recommendations for the use of these models by regulators make the growing interest of the application of AMD highly evident.

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