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Running Successful Neuropathology Studies: Sampling & Preparing Nervous System Tissues for Microscopic Evaluation
A Hypothesis on minimal Apoptosis/Single Cell Necrosis in the Primate Brain Following Ice-Cold Saline Perfusion
What Is a Tissue Cross Reactivity Study?
Journal Article Offers Insights on Toxicologic Neuropathology of Novel Biotherapeutics
StageBio Pathologist Co-authors Chapter on Male Reproductive System in Toxicologic Pathology Textbook
Paper Provides New Insights into the Immunological Resistance of MARV Virus in Bats
3 Ways to Ensure Optimal Transportation for Your Frozen Samples
The feasibility and safety of a novel Encore PFO closure device in long-term porcine model
3D-printed scaffolds with geometric mismatches promote repair in periorbital bony defects of skeletally mature Yucatan minipigs
Opinion Article Proposes Practical Framework for Evaluating and Assessing Adversity of Immune System Changes When Evaluating Immune-Modulating Therapeutics
Paper Outlines Points to Consider When Sampling & Processing Sensory Ganglia in Non-clinical Tox Studies
StageBio Director of Digital and Quantitative Pathology co-authors review of ISH technique in drug research and development
StageBio senior pathologist contributes to study that uncovers common gene expression across diverse TP53 variants
StageBio senior pathologist co-authors study demonstrating role of H. hepaticus in breast carcinogenesis
Study demonstrates immune response against KASV in Egyptian rousette bats
StageBio senior pathologist co-authors study linking increased C. perfringens to GI disease and intestinal (duodenal) strictures in marmosets
StageBio senior pathologist co-authors analysis that observes differences in microbiome of healthy marmosets and marmosets with IBD
StageBio’s Dr. Thomas Lemarchand and Fabian Kukla co-author study demonstrating impact of water evaporation rate on dermal versus epidermal wound healing
Pathology of Bioabsorbable Implants in Preclinical Studies
StageBio pathologists were members of the STP SRPC Medical Device Implant Site Evaluation working group that published a recent Points to Consider article in Toxicologic Pathology
StageBio pathologists co-author article on the underestimated role ASN (autophagy of sensory neurons) plays in sensory ganglia
StageBio Pathologists Co-author Article Demonstrating Wound Dressings with High Evaporation Rates Improve Healing
StageBio pathologist co-authors review on contributing lifestyle factors of oral cancer
The use of 3D-printed scaffolds to treat midfacial critical-sized bone defects
StageBio pathologists are members of the INHAND working group for CNS and PNS of the rat and mouse
StageBio pathologist co-authors study on shape memory polymer foam-coated coils for the treatment of aneurysms
StageBio senior pathologist co-authors article on the use of animal models of disease for nonclinical safety testing
Evaluating the safety of a self-amplifying mRNA vaccine in rats
3 Keys to Successful Pathology Endpoints in Inhalation Toxicology Studies
IHC or IF: Which is Best for My Study?
GLP & Non-GLP: What's the Difference?

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