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How to Properly Store Your Preclinical Study Materials

The fast development of molecular biology and other intensive analytical technologies has resulted in a dramatic increase in the need for biological sample storage.

A Guide to Shipping Your Slides Safely and On Time

Your organization’s ability to obtain accurate research results often hinges upon the swift and safe delivery of histopathology test materials.

Necropsy: Why Use a CRO for Your Pre-Clinical Research

When you are involved in preclinical research, it can be beneficial to use a CRO, or contract research organization. The first step has to do with necropsy, and can be a necessary step when determining whether a drug is capable of being tested in people.

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As we've written about recently, toxicology continues to be a demanding scientific field that requires extensive safety procedures and accuracy to maintain reputations. Seeking help from organizations helps immensely in gaining new knowledge and procedures to keep your own lab skills up to date. The same goes for staying compliant to avoid any regulatory fines.

Benefits of Histopathology Outsourcing: Cutting the Costs of Lab Operations

You already know how expensive running a laboratory is for your Histology practice and how it affects the morale of your staff. Over the years, you've no doubt realized how much you have to do to keep your employees trained, upholding standard operating procedures, and keeping yourself compliant.

Outsourcing: How Important are SOPs?

As a laboratory that deals in a specific science, you're perhaps starting to realize it's impossible to do testing on your own without some help. Whether its histology, biotechnology, or the pharma industry, your reputation is on the line if a particular study goes awry due to staff inefficiencies.

Why Preclinical Research is Critical To Drug Discovery For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious disease that plagues both men and women around the globe. US Breast Cancer statistics estimates that approximately one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer at some time in their life. There are approximately 240,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 61,000 cases of noninvasive breast cancer diagnosed every year. There is no cure for breast cancer as of yet, though there is a significant amount of research focused upon it.

Four Benefits to Outsourcing Your Histopathology: Maintaining GLP to Regulatory Compliance

The Histopathology industry is one that requires exacting study techniques and can suffer exponentially when not having enough capital expenditure. Studying disease and doing pre-clinical research means you have to set a high bar for your reputation, which could easily shatter with one mistake.

The 3 keys to Success in Preclinical Outsourcing: Quality, Speed, and Price

The efficiencies that contract research organizations can gain from outsourcing preclinical histopathology services comes from a mix of organizational principles and industry specific standards. Of these, the three most critical success factors to consider are the quality of the slides and data, the speed and accuracy of completion, and price competitiveness.

Preclinical CRO: From Necropsy to Specimen Storage

Market demand for outsourced preclinical research services is growing. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies need contract research organization (CRO) partners who can help them maximize productivity and efficiency in research and development. Faced with a variety of cost pressures, such as patent expiries and more competition from generics, pharmaceutical companies are building strategic relationships with CROs at an increasing rate.

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